[Nov 15th] Visit Spindle in Groningen with Invariant

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Wilco 25-10-2016 19:31
Invariant is the alumni association of the study Computer Science at the RUG. As a CS master student you can also become a member and meet interesting companies and people who work in the industry.

On the 15th of November, Invariant is invited to visit Spindle. Two small presentations will be held, one about the company and it's unique structure, and one about how they replicated the entire stack of their application VoiPGRID in Docker. For more information about Spindle, check out their website: https://wearespindle.com/.

The first talk will start at 19:30, mark it in your calendar! Afterwards there will be drinks and time to catch up with Invariant members.

The Spindle HQ is in The Big Building, Achterweg 1, Groningen.

Every Invariant member is very welcome! Are you currently doing you Computing Science Masters, but not yet an Invariant member? No worries, you can sign up in advance on www.invariant.nl, or you can sign up during the activity.

Since we would like to know how many people we can expect, we ask you to indicate if you can make it by sending a short e-mail to board@invariant.nl.

Questions? Send an e-mail to board@invariant.nl or check www.invariant.nl.