Object to decorate walls new borrel location Tapperij

Board 18-12-2014 12:51
As you might have noticed, we have a new borrel location! This is because the Ome Ko didn't really fit to our wishes...

The new location is the Tapperij, which will be private till one o'clock. Drinks will cost only 1 euro until one o'clock and after that only 1,50. The borrel will be held at every first Wednesday of the month, like we were used to. At our first borrel of 2015, there will be 100 free beers! This first borrel will be held at the 7th of January. We hope you will come join us and will like this new location.

They asked us if we could come up with an object to decorate their walls. If you have a brilliant idea what to give them, let us know (board@svcover.nl)!

Photo of Maikel

Maikel 19-12-2014 13:42
The old broken 'pedelstaf' would be cool to hang there I guess.

Photo of Banana Me

Banana Me 20-12-2014 20:58
I like Mikkels idea!